Gutter Guardian: What to do when you have a leaking roof?

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The most challenging thing you will face when repairing your roof is to identify the source of the leaks. Moreover, you need to learn to look for the cause of the problem and its source rather than focus on repairing the visible evidence. Remember the cause of the roofing leak is more troublesome than the leak itself. If the cause is not fixed then the problem will continue to bother you. Unfortunately, many people only fix the leak, leaving the cause to cause more damage.


So, where do you begin to search for leaks or the problems that cause them? These problems are more likely to be found on top of the roof. When there is a leak, chances are you are having problems in one of the following locations. The joins on the roof are to be checked- this can be where the roof meets the chimney, where the roof meets the wall, or where two nearby peaks create a valley between them. Anywhere where there is a join on your roof, will be the most likely the source of the leak.


2014-08-05_110333These locations are not the only the cause of the leaks. In some cases if you have shingles or tiles missing, skylights, flashings on your roof, or vents, and these are where leaks could occur. So check out these possible locations as well. Now if you check for leaks from the inside, check the attic first. Remember that the main cause of the leak is not always where the drips that are finding their way to your ceiling. Water can come in to the attic in one area and then travel along roof timbers or ceiling sheets to an adjacent area where the water pools and then leaks in to the room underneath. In order to find the source of the leak you need to work in the attic during broad daylight then look for spaces where the sun’s rays are shining in. If you can’t find the sunlight, ask someone to spray the roof with water while you are looking for the spot where the water comes in.


It seems like a clichĂ© but prevention is always better than cure and the same goes for roofing leaks. If you are able to prevent them from the start then it will be much less of an expense when it comes to repairing your roof. In order to prevent these leaks you need to perform routine inspections as well as maintenance on your roof. Once there are leaks, immediate action is recommended. The faster the repairs are made the less damage is left behind due to the leaks. If you think you can’t do the repair for yourself, then you should consider hiring professionals as soon as you can to limit the brunt of the damage and to extend the life of your roof.


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